Arrow Head

The Design

I consider Arrow Head as one of my better designs. The layout is extensive and the use of underbrush was extremely time consuming but the overall effect was certainly worth it. The most unique aspect of the design is probably the bunkering which is totally unconventional but worked wonderfully on this course. Many of the bunkers took as many as six different textures and no two are alike. The use of grasses and bushes on their borders added to the look and feel of the course as well.

The Layout

With the normal mix of doglegs and water holes the layout besides the bunkering is quite normal. Most greens are above average size with the exception of hole 2 which uses a very small green but it fit the lay and approach of the hole. It's the look of the course with the undergrowth of bush and grasses and the bunkering that makes it seem different and unique.


I would like to thank Randy Grant, Brad 'The Dad' Lanagan and Dave 'Snuffy' Smith for playtesting Arrow Head for me.

Thank You for downloading Arrow Head and remember, swing easy and keep your head down!

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