Cardinal Creek

The Course

All of my course's begin with the background. Once that's complete then I begin planning the course. This background started out as a park course with a cityscape background but that didn't work and I went back to the mountains. Once the BG is created then I usually go to Paul O'Brian's web page and check the textures. He does a fantastic job with them and I seldom don't find one I like. For this course I used set #17 which I adjusted to fit the BG I created. I usually make a few textures to go with his sets too. On this course I made a bunker texture and the dirts surrounding the course which had to blend in with the BG. If you like the shade of this texture it is set #17 with -40 yellow, +40 red and -4 green on the color adjustment. Thank you Paul. I always appreciate your textures. I then start creating objects for the course. I use an Olympus E-300 digital camera and Adobe Photoshop 7 and CS3. I also make a few objects from scratch like ballwashers, signs etc. I'm afraid you can tell this by looking at them also but I enjoy it. I did find several discs that had a few of my old objects on them which I used for this course. I also used some objects from the Golden Bear's Den files and the Breezer objects. I don't know who contributed these items but I wanted to thank you for using them. I know how much effort it takes to create the trees etc... I often spend a couple days on one tree only to finish it and not like it so thank you. I also used three (3) trees from the Voyen Koreis site. They were gum trees. Thank you Voyen and I enjoy your site. Again all of these objects were shaded and adjusted to fit the course. Once the objects are complete, and I usually change them around throughout the design, I then start working on the holes. For Cardinal Creek I designed six (6) sets of adjacents and six (6) solo holes.

The Playtesters

Usually after about five (5) holes I send a version to my playtesters, Don 'Sarge' Pierce, Gary 'Acemeister' Hild and Ron 'Gov' Schaeffer. These guys are players who love JN6 and appreciate us designers. They go over the course and point out anything they don't like, even sounds, and get it back to me for adjustments. This goes on throughout the design process and I can't tell you how much it helps me with the design. I tell them all the time how much it helps but I wanted it known that these guys are fantastic.

The Layout

When all the holes are finished I use my old Friend, Brian Silvernail's texture's package to do the overheads. Again I have to make adjustments for the course but that's a great tool. Thanks Brian! Only when all the holes are finished do I layout the course which is probably just the opposite of most designer's but that's the magic of sim golf. You can move the holes around at will with the click of the mouse. It was a little tricky with this course since I had a creek weaving throughout but it was done and again I used Brian's texture package to do the course overhead making adjustments.

Download Here

Thank you for downloading Cardinal Creek and I hope you find it enjoyable. Included with the course is a ‘Walk Through Cardinal Creek’ which will take you through each hole. Perhaps it will save a stroke or two! Remember, swing easy and keep your head down! Steve Holden

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