Cougar's Run

The Course

I haven't designed a course for many years. What little I knew has long been forgotten but I thought it would be a good time to get started again with a hobby that I have always enjoyed but just didn't have the time it deserved to do it justice. This is step one in truly learning the Designer package of JN6. This course was completed on June 4th, 2008.

The Layout

Cougar's Run hole-by-hole playtips! The following hole-by-hole breakdown is from the black tees using pin #1 placement.  

Hole #1 - The Beginning-Par 4-410 yards - Handicap 14
A good starting hole that offers a huge landing area off the tee. The green slopes back to front and is protected on the left front limiting your approach.  

Hole #2 - The Descent-Par 4-428 yards - Handicap 2
Your tested early on this tough par 4 but not off the tee. It's the downhill approach that will make club selection imperative. Once on the green it's no picnic either as every pin placement difficult. Par is excellent here.

Hole #3 - The Crossing-Par 3-178 yards - Handicap 6

The longest and toughest par 3 must carry the pond and stick a small and unforgiving green. Club selection again comes into play from the elevated tee and anything on the back left of the green will most certainly end up in the bunker. You have an option of laying up on the front left fairway but that's no fun.

Hole #4 - The Gorge-Par 5-518 yards - Handicap 13

Trust your instincts off the tee but find the fairway for any success on this hole. The 2nd shot is uphill and leaves you with a choice of going for broke or laying up in front of the gorge for an easy approach. The green is large but will yield birdies. Most eagle attempts will be futile and end up at the bottom of 'The Gorge'.

Hole #5-The Detour - Par 4-334 yards - Handicap 11

A tough , uphill tee shot to a narrow fairway will determine your luck here. You need both distance and accuracy to have a clear shot at the green which is downhill and usually between clubs. A fun and challenging hole that will yield birdies as often as it yields bogies.  

Hole #6 - The Hook-Par 3-147 yards - Handicap 7

It's namesake is also the secret to playing this deceptive little par 3. Barely visible from the tee a direct approach will often find the treeline down the left side and a huge bunker fronts the green and catches many of the shots that do escape. The 'Hook' is the key!  

Hole #7 - The Plunge-Par 4-445 yards  - Handicap 9

You can see the green 50 feet below the tee on this downhill par 4. An average tee shot should clear the bunker on the left side of the fairway and leave you with another decision on club selection. The green is large and if you find it the birdie is waiting.  

Hole #8-The Twister - Par 5-500 yards - Handicap 16

If you can avoid the water on the left and bunker on the right with your drive an easy 2nd shot awaits you. This should leave a very short approach to a green surrounded by bunkers. This is the easiest of the par 5's so get that birdie.  

Hole #9 -T he Return-Par 4-421 yards - Handicap 8

The obvious tee shot is to the right of the trio of huge bunkers in the landing area. The bunker fronting the left of the green will draw anything close since the fairway slopes directly into it. This green is hard to catch in regulation so be careful.  

Hole #10 - The Chute-Par 4-435 yards - Handicap 4

As tight a tee shot as the name would indicate and well protected on either side of the landing area you are challenged right out of 'The Chute' on this par 4. A huge bunker sits to the left of the green but it's the putting surface here that is your biggest threat.  

Hole #11 - The Water Hole-Par 4-294 yards - Handicap 17

A conventional drive will leave a very short 2nd shot to a very giving green. Of course, you can also challenge the 'Water Hole' and go for it off the tee but wear a wet suit.  

Hole #12 - The Chasm-Par 5-517 yards  - Handicap 10

Your drive over 'The Chasm' must avoid the bunker on the left leaving an interesting downhill 2nd shot. Your approach to a two tiered green must leave you on the same level as the flag.  

Hole #13 - The Peak-Par 3-131 yards - Handicap 12

Your uphill tee shot will place you at the summit of Cougar's Run. Concentrate on your putt and not the tree tops surrounding the green. 

Hole #14 - The Creek-Par 4-430 yards - Handicap 5

The ideal drive is to tease 'The Creek' on the right giving you a much better angle to the elusive green. The fairway slopes to the bunker protecting the green to the left while 'The Creek' covers the right and anything long. Club selection is critical as many approach shots slide across the green and into the water.  

Hole #15 - The Viper-Par 5-568 yards - Handicap 15

Despite the name this is a great birdie opportunity but you can get into serious trouble. Avoid the bunker on the left off the tee and place your 2nd shot in the fairway with an accurate uphill shot and you'll be left with a short downhill approach to a forgiving green. The water on the left can spoil your plan so be careful.  

Hole #16 - The 'Gimme'-Par 3-154 yards - Handicap 18

Considered the easiest hole on the course it's almost imperative to get a birdie here. A straight tee shot should allow for a relatively easy putt. Perhaps even a 'Gimme'.  

Hole #17 - The Pits-Par4-419 yards - Handicap 3

Eluding the huge 'Pit' bunker off the tee is step one on this tough par 4. Your next shot is blind over a rise in the fairway to a two tiered green protected left front and right rear by two huge bunkers. The green is tiered left to right and the closer you get to the pin the better the chance for par.  

Hole #18 - The Elective-Par 4-449 yards - Handicap 1

Named not for election year but rather the myriad of choices both off the tee and on your approach. The average player should shoot for center fairway off the tee and then lay up towards the center of the fairway short of the moat of bunkers and then try to lay a lob shot close to the pin for a chance at par. The rest of you will try many things but I'll shut up and let you play this one. Good Luck!

The Playtester's

This course has been playtested by Gary "Acemeister" Hild, Don "Gov" Schaffer, Galen "Alegan" Geier, and Don "Sarge" Pierce. We consider this course to be one of Sundances finest courses he has ever designed It has been a pleasure to playtest this. We even playtested it on line with a threesome twice and could not find one flaw. Sundance has included play tips for each hole to help us duffers and probably some of those sharks swimming around on the internet. So without further adieu, I hereby present "Cougar's Run" Enjoy!! Don "Sarge" Pierce

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The Handicaps and the play by play are based on my game and my ideas. I'm sure you'll find some holes easier than I did and you might find some a little tougher. Either or, I thank you for playing my course and I hope you score well and enjoy your round. Remember, swing easy and keep your head down! Steve Holden

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