Crimson Ridge


I gave the player's plenty of options as they wind their way through Crimson Ridge. The course is challenging and fun to play and I made the greens a little more difficult. There are at least twenty (20) players out there that will think the greens are too easy as well as the course but you guys are in a different class of golfers. The holes are a little longer and there is water on fourteen (14) of them along with plenty of bunkers. I'm compelled to keep the greens as realistic as possible. We've all played real course's where maybe two (2) or three (3) of the greens were so difficult that we won't go back. There are a couple tough pin placements but I feel they are fair. I mixed in a lot of risk/reward shots from both the tee and on your approach to keep it interesting and also create some variance from round to round.


It's a straightforward design with doglegs both left and right. You have a short par 4 on hole #4 that's very reachable with a risk. All four of the par 5's can be reached in two shots again with a slight risk and the par 3's vary in distance and appearance. I decided to go with slope down bunkerage throughout the course and you'll find them with a little more distance from the fairways than from the greens where I made them closer and deeper. There is water on fourteen of the holes and I mixed up the locations to affect both the tee shot and the approach. And because I'm an evil person, sometimes the water will affect both shots! All four of the par three's can be aced which I think adds some fun to the round. Again the course is huge, over 100 mb zipped, but there are a large number of custom objects. There are only a few stock objects on the course. I was going to make a fall mountain background but after creating the autumn trees I didn't want to take away from the course so I converted one of my previous backgrounds using these same trees .

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I want to thank you for downloading Crimson Ridge and I hope you find your rounds enjoyable. I tried very hard to create a fall ambience right down to the leaves on the fairway. One good thing about a sim course is that you don't have to hunt for the ball after each shot. I've lost many golf balls under the leaves this time of year. Remember, swing easy and keep your head down!

Steve 'Sundance' Holden

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