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The Course

The first thing that strikes you about the front nine is that it's wide open with clear views of the surrounding horizon. The layout allows for the player to crank it up recklessly from the tee if that's their choice. It does play better from the fairway than the heavy rough and is easy enough to be cautious and have a better approach so it should appeal to both styles. The back nine plays mostly on the ocean's edge and the water becomes a large factor in determining your approach to each shot. I went with some very large greens for some holes and some that are relatively small for others. I get mixed signals on how tough my greens are but these seem very fair. I have yet to playtest pin 5 but can tell you that Pin 2 on hole 10 and Pin 4 on hole 16 are somewhat tricky. I tried my best to capture the feel of an island course and I hope you feel like your on vacation while playing the course.

The Design

I cheated on the background by mixing the horizon with shots from different islands, and then patching them together but they are all original Virgin Island backgrounds. I made a new sky for Divot Cove and spent an enormous amount of time with the textures before finally deciding to make the change from one to another very subtle. I thought the greens and heavy rough came out very well. I also struggled with the mix of palm trees and regular trees and studied countless photos of the region to come up with the proper mix of both. I threw in the seagulls because I love birds and they gave such an authenticity to the course. I brought in a few objects from Beacon Island and used many more stock objects than normal but the course still came in at 331 MB. Some of the trees are 2 to 3 MB and this really adds to the size of my course's.

The Layout

I think you'll feel like your playing two different course's when you get to the back nine. Holes #11 & #12 are very similar as are #13 & #16 but each has it's own peculiarities. I truly enjoyed designing all four of these holes but #18 is my favorite and though it's not as difficult as some of my finishing holes it can be tricky so be careful.

Download Here

Thank You for taking the time to download Divot Cove. I hope you enjoy your round and score well. I'm always open for feedback, good or bad and would like your opinion on the difficulty of the greens. Good Golfing and remember, swing easy and keep your head down!

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