Eagle Heights

The Course

The course will be on the easy side for the seasoned golfers and it will have enough risk/reward shots to keep you on your toes. Avoid the errant shots that find the ample water holes and your score will reflect your efforts. Hole #13, a par 5, with two risky shots can become a simple eagle. Just take a normal tee shot to the far left of the fairway and avoid the sand trap leaving a straight shot to the green and you'll be putting on your third shot.

The Design

The design is a continuation of my efforts to improve my texture work and give the course a more realistic look. It's still a work in progress but improving. The background is new and I included three (3) new skies which I mix and match throughout except for the sunset sky on the last two holes. I created only a few new objects to keep the size down because I really don't want to hear how large the course is. My new system has a 1TByte hard drive but a golf course (well three golf course's actually on one plot) that was 90MByte created all kinds of havoc so no more of that for the time being anyway.

The Play-testers

My playtester's are golfers and they look at a design from a player's standpoint which is always helpful in my approach to a new course. Don 'Sarge' Pierce, Gary 'Acemeister' Hild and Don 'Gov' Schaffer playtest all my course's and spend countless hours searching for my flaws (which are many). Gov even came up with a great idea for the overheads!! Thank you guys!!

Download Here

I think you'll find the course fun to play and the challenge will be how well you can score. It's an Eagle Sanctuary and they make a lot of noise but you'll be happy to know that no matter how close they look from the tee or fairway you can't hit them with your shot. I would never put them in harm's way. Enjoy and Remember, swing easy and keep your head down!!     Steve Holden

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