Golf World 'Silver Course'

The Course

Welcome to Golf World! Fifty four (54) holes of golf featuring two full size course's and an eighteen hole par 3 course all in one location. The first release will be the 'Silver Course' a par 72 course. The next will be the 'Champion Course' another par 72 followed by the 'Par 3 Challenge'.

The Concept

I had originally designed two (2) courses on the same plot back in the 'Ham Hoc Tour' days when we had the Ace Chase going. I think that's what we called it anyway. I had designed at least two different course's that had a 72 par and an eighteen hole par 3 course on the same plot. That is where I got the idea for this endeavor with three courses. Unfortunately, with GBC you will still have to download each course separately even though all three are on each plot. In order to design this I put one hole of each course one each overhead for all eighteen holes. To avoid confusion during play I isolated each hole on the overheads but you can view the entire layout by simply pulling up the course overhead during play.

The Layout

With three (3) course’s on one plot the fairways are tight so it will play more like a target course most of the time. An errant shot will definitely find you playing from a different course to get back on track! The only upside for you the players will be more interesting views during play as there will be adjacent holes throughout each course. And if you like the course then you will have three to choose from. Each course will have its own sky or two and there are plenty of new objects and some of my old ones that I've adapted for this course. The Design As the designer it created a pleasant challenge getting three playable and interesting holes on each of the eighteen overheads. The background is not Chicago!! This is a fantasy course and it can be wherever you want it to be. I used a city background with mountains in the backdrop and yes, there are buildings from Chicago and all over the world. Maybe you'll recognize some of them.

The Playtesters

Special Thanks to my playtesters 'Don 'Sarge' Pierce, 'Gary 'Acemeister' Hild' and 'Don 'Gov' Schaffer'.

Download Here

As always, thank you for downloading my course's and Remember, swing easy and keep your head down!  

Steve Holden

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