Holy Grail

The Course

This course has been in my imagination for a long time but I simply didn't have the skill set to design it. I've always wanted to create a course that looked like it was in a pasture or farmland which seems like the most natural setting for golf. The textures create the look while your background  sky and objects form the ambience. It was always the textures that eluded me and it took over two years of working with them to be comfortable with this design. You the players and fellow designer's will be the final judge and I hope you enjoy the end result as much as this designer enjoyed the journey.

The Layout

The course is much different from my usual as I tried my hand at a links style for the first time. You encounter many blind shots on the course from both the tee and your approach so with this in mind the overheads were carefully constructed to assist you throughout the round. It's not a difficult course but will test your skills especially around the greens.

The Design   

The entire course was laid out with random terrain and all the holes are paired so you have hole 1 and 2, hole 3 and 4 and so on. I toyed with the idea of leaving the fairways in random terrain where every bounce, roll and lie would be an adventure. I enjoyed playing it like this but ran it by Bob Fletcher and Randy Grant for a second opinion. They also liked it but felt the player's would question the fairness of the course. I gave in and hit the smooth button but only once! We also had a nice debate on whether this would be considered a links style course or not. I think it was 50/50 but we're going with links.


Bob Cummings for his brown grass and cattail objects which are all over the course. Mike 'Babybull' Conner for his rock tutorial which I learned and used extensively! So simple and so much fun. Snuffy for his long grass texture. Chad 'Fish' Derouin for his sounds and for converting a wind wav. His sounds are fantastic and available at the Den. Charlie Roberts for suggesting some links course's to study. Randy Grant and Bob Fletcher for checking the random terrain and doing a playtest with the finished course. And finally, thanks to all at the Den for your support and encouragement.

Steve Holden aka 'Sundance'

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