Keystone Knoll

The layout and style of Keystone has been explained with the course info as a Park Course. I used my library of objects extensively and created a few more for the course along with a few stock objects as well. The background and sky are new and I made it a point to have the background as an integral part of the design to create the effect of a neighborhood  golf course. There is only one new texture, the sandy rough, or as you golfers would say 'the dirt'. The rest of the textures are revised from some of my previous courses. I kept the texturing simple for this course.

Hole #1    Par 4    446 yards

Downhill off the tee you have plenty of fairway to work with and a bunker on the left side of the landing area. The right side bunker will only catch the errant power drives as will the larger bunker farther down the left side. The approach is downhill as well to an elevated green fronted by a large bunker. The green is large enough to receive your approach and the left side can be tricky. #12 Handicap.

Hole #2    Par 4    429 yards

A bad tee shot can find the water on the left especially from a power drive. Your approach must carry the water to a green protected on it's entire right side by the pond. Be sure to check your lie since the fairway has several deceptive mounds. #6 Handicap

Hole #3    Par 5    519 yards

The shortest and easiest of the par 5's but you must avoid the bunker on the right off the tee. The green is nestled behind a large tree and protected by bunkers on either side. This is a fun par 5 that challenges you to go for the green and most of the time you'll be successful. The green is large and split into four sections. Plenty of eagles to be had here. #17 Handicap

Hole #4    Par 4    348 yards

My favorite hole that I've played is #5 at Griffin Gate Golf Course in Lexington, KY. This is loosely based on that hole though much shorter and easier. You have many options off the tee but more than likely you will 'Grip it & Rip it' trying to carry the bunker mound in the center. No matter where you end up the green is usually accessible. This is another fun hole to play and the easiest on the course so you have now completed the two best scoring holes. #18 Handicap

Hole #5    Par 3    193 yards

Your first par 3 is protected on the left front and side by water with a bunker on both the right side and behind the green. The green is large enough to handle your tee shot but several pin placements require aiming for center green. This is a birdie hole if you avoid the water. #11 Handicap

Hole #6    Par 5    558 yards

An elevated tee shot must split the fairway bunkers and is followed by a blind 2nd shot that must again land between fairway bunkers. The green is guarded in front by a large bunker you must carry so reaching this in two will be very difficult. Plenty of birdies here but eagles will be few and far between. #15 Handicap

Hole #7    Par 4    461 yards

Your tee shot can find the water on the left but this will seldom happen. It's the approach shot that makes this hole difficult. The green is all but invisible which makes this a very dangerous blind approach shot. Water all but surrounds the green and an aggressive shot will overshoot and find the hazard as well as a short shot. The 2nd shot on this hole is the most nerve wrecking on the course and the most costly if you fail which is why it's the #1 handicap. #1 Handicap

Hole #8    Par 4    491 yards

The longest and toughest par 4 on the course will frustate power drivers as it is very difficult to clear the fairway bunkers off the tee. If successful it definitely shortens the hole but most players will settle for the safe drive and take their chances with the approach. The green is very hard to stick with your uphill shot and anything too short will leave you shooting blindly uphill at the green. Some may choose to layup on the fairway to the right and try to get their 3rd shot close to the stick. A tough par and very few birdies on this one. #3 Handicap

Hole #9    Par 3    193 yards

A slightly elevated tee to a slightly elevated green this par three is best played to the center of the dance floor. Bunkered in front and on the right side this is still the easiest par 3 on the course. #14 Handicap

Hole #10    Par 4    453 yards

The biggest challenge off the tee would be missing the fairway though it is bunkered on either side. The approach is a different story as the fairway slopes sharply right to left and the green is fronted by a huge bunker. The green is very large and accomadating but getting close to the pin is challenging. #10 Handicap

Hole #11    Par 3    190 yards

Sixteen feet above the green your tee shot has a tendency to come in heavy. It's bunkered in front, to the left and at the rear while water protects the right side but seldom comes into play. The green is slightly mounded in the front and rear with a dip in the center but will still yield birdies with a good tee shot. #9 Handicap

Hole #12    Par 5    564 yards

A three shot par 5 for most the key is to avoid the bunkers framing the landing area. Check your lie before taking that 2nd shot as the landing area has deceptive mounds. If you layup on the approach you'll have a chip to a very puttable green. Many birdies but few eagles to be had here. #13 Handicap

Hole #13    Par 4    466 yards

You have Out of Bounds running down the treeline on the left but it seldom if ever comes into play. The tee shot must avoid the bunker on the right side and power drivers can find the bunker on the left. The backside of the green breaks down and back causing aggressive shots to overshoot so it's best to bring your approach in soft to the front and let it feed to the pin.Par is good. #7 Handicap
Note: pin #5 on this hole is the toughest on the course.

Hole #14    Par 4    416 yards

Your challenged off the tee to avoid the water on the front and right side of the fairway. While only a short iron away the green is well protected with water as well as a solitary bunker. The putting surface is slightly mounded in the center and falls away to all sides. Anything less than par is excellent on this hole. #4 Handicap

Hole #15    Par 4    475 yards

Another difficult par 4, the landing area is well protected on the left with a bunker and the fairway lie will challenge your approach. The green is smallish and should be played to the front right. Pin placements on the left side will be the most difficult. Par is a good score here. #5 Handicap

Hole #16    Par 5    551 yards

The landing area 280 yards off the tee narrows considerably between the fairway bunkers making power drives very difficult. With that restriction off the tee the hole becomes a three shot par 5 by necessity. The 2nd shot will leave a chip to the green unless your the daredevil who goes for it in two long shots. The green is huge so take care with your chip shot. Toughest par 5. #8 Handicap

Hole #17    Par 3    226 yards

At 226 yards this is the longest and toughest par 3 on the course. With the sightly elevated tee your looking at a well bunkered and deceptively small green. Even if you find the dance floor putts must be well executed to find the bottom of the cup. A tough par 3 that will challenge all. #2 Handicap

Hole #18    Par 4    456 yards

My favorite hole on the course this par 4 at first glance looks much more difficult than it really is. If you avoid the bunkers that side the landing area you'll be left with a small to mid iron approach to an elevated green bunkered in front and back. The green is built to handle your approach and though well mounded many a long putts can find the bottom of the cup. Although it is an easy finishing hole there are enough obstacles to get you into trouble if you find them. #16 Handicap

There you have the hole by hole breakdown as I saw it. Yardages and difficulty was measured from the black tees and all tees are playable. Heavy wind will make this a much more difficult course than described here, especially the water holes.

Acknowledgements: Don 'Sarge' Pierce for his support and encouragement. Gary 'Acemiester' Hild and Don 'Gov' Schaffer for all the time they used to spend along with Sarge playtesting and encouraging me to design. Chad 'Fish' Derouin for supplying me with sounds and also for being such an avid student of designing. His enthusiasm is refreshing and your seeing it now in his designs which are very good and will only get better. And last but not least to Dave 'Snuffy' Smith who provides all GBC enthusiasts with a place to post their designs, play and share their stories. We wouldn't have a GBC Community if Snuffy didn't provide it. Thanks Dave!!

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