Mystic Canyon 'The Challenger'

The Course

I wanted to revisit Mystic Canyon and give it a more conventional look and with the new textures it has an entirely different feel than 'The Sanctuary' had. As I delve deeper into the textures my main goal is to create a more realistic appearance for my course's. I honestly don't get to play on too many perfectly manicured course's like we see on the PGA. And even those on closer scrutiny have their imperfections and it 's those imperfections that make a computer course look more realistic. Anyway, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

The course plays fair and is also somewhat easy with a good mix of risk/reward shots. Three of the four par fives can be reached in two but I did make some of the par fours longer than normal. The greens are fair but if not close to the pin you'll have to earn the putt.

The Design

There are many new objects created for this course and most are high definition. I use mostly high definition objects on my course's so the size of the course is usually very large. This one is no exception at almost three hundred meg unzipped but it will download at around ninety meg. At least when your ready to make your shot and your under a tree it won't look like a large pixel.

The Playtesters

I want to again thank my playtesters, Don 'Sarge' Pierce, Gary 'Ace' Hild and Don 'Gov' Schaffer. These guys have patiently tested my course's for a long time now and offered many good suggestions. It's these three and a few more like them that have kept GBC going for all these years. Thanks guys!!

Download Here

Thanks for downloading 'The Challenger' and I hope you enjoy your rounds. Remember, swing easy and keep your head down!

Steve Holden

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