Mystic Canyon 'The Sanctuary'

The Course

The Sanctuary is the first course designed for this complex and it's a tough but fair challenge. The fairways are moderate in size so the long drive will be challenging and the greens all vary in size and difficulty. The ideal approach to this course is for moderate drives to center fairway and attack the flag on the green. Long drives off the fairway and long putts on the dance floor will lead to long afternoons in the clubhouse. It is a wide open course so if you miss your mark and end up in the heavy rough or worse you should always have an open shot and a very good chance to recover so even the worse of shots are not irreversible. The bunkers on some holes are deep and lead to blind shots so you will often find yourself scrambling for par as an end result. Several greens are very large , like hole #7 and #16 while others range from medium to small. There are a few hazard areas but they are well away from the playing area and of course there are always the water hazards we all love.

The Design

I decided to tackle textures on this course and had remembered a course I'd seen quite a few years back that just blew me away but I couldn't remember the name of it. Randy Grant whom most of you know was kind enough to jog my memory and it was 'The Glenhurst Golf & Country Club' designed by Gene Villeneuve. Gene has done the best texture work that I've ever seen so I studied Glenhurst and tried my best to emulate his texture work with a different style course. I'm afraid I fell a little short of his expertise with textures but I'll work on it. The background is original and a large part of the course. I tried a completely different style of design using the background and making the course sparse of objects so that play off the fairway is much easier. There are still approximately seventy original objects and I tried to keep some color (eye candy) in the course and keep the rugged prairie look. I cut way down on size to avoid any 'controversy' (BS) and used many stock objects. I also decided to do one course at a time and simulate a complex by making adjacents throughout. So hole one is with hole ten, hole two with hole eleven etc...

The Playtesters

Once again I'd like to acknowledge my Friends, Gary 'Ace' Hild, Don 'Gov' Schaffer and of course Don 'Sarge' Pierce for taking their valuable time to playtest my course.

Download Here

Thanks for downloading 'The Sanctuary' and remember, swing easy and keep your head down!

Steve Holden

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