The Course

This is probably the easiest design I've ever created and that was the intent. The tee shots are wide open so you can grip it and rip it at will. You'll even have little trouble recovering from errant shots as well. What's interesting though is the fact that you can muster just as good a score by being somewhat conservative off the tee as no hole is going to present too much of a problem. The most risky tee shot will be on the par 3 hole #5 where the green is fronted with water. Hole #16 can get you into trouble as well since you'll be compelled to play it like a par 3. Oddly enough #15 and #17 are par 3's so it will feel like three in a row. While there are several multi level and complex greens the approach is easy enough to stick it close to the pin and keep you out of trouble. The most difficult green will be on hole #9 and it slopes from back to front and the most difficult pin placement on the course is hole #12's five (5) pin.

The Design

I've always wanted to do a design where it was only the course, horizon, sky and textures. In order to pull that off you must have a location that would justify the concept and obviously the textures that would blend together realistically. There are very few objects on this course and most are stock and while on the tees you will hear the wind whistling about but once you start for each fairway the only sound you'll hear is the beat of your heart.

Realistically you will probably never see a course in such a location but for this purpose it was fantastic. You even have a mirage so to speak on the horizon. From many locations on the course including some tee's you see what appears to be the ocean or very large body of water. Hole #1 is a good example if you look to the left off the tee. The Hoggar Mountains sit on a plateau so what your actually seeing is simply shale, sand and stone. Welcome to Sandstone!

This course is dedicated to the Memory of Gary 'Acemeister' Hild. I think the players will have fun wearing this course out and you'll probably see some incredibly low scores but most importantly I think Ace would have liked it and that's good enough for me. Remember, swing easy and keep your head down!

Steve Holden aka 'Sundance'

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