Scarlet Lake

The Course

When I got back into designing last year I had one goal and that was to design a realistic fall course where the colors would be authentic to the season. Now I had forgotten the little I knew about the JN6 package so it was no easy task. I hadn’t designed many course’s in JN6, I think Mojo was one, but honestly couldn’t tell you the names of any others and I had never used Adobe Photoshop before either. I started slowly and really experienced with colors when I designed Beacon Island earlier this year. Every facet of this design was time consuming but I’m very pleased with the end result. I was originally going to make a mountain background from the Smokey Mountain area but after long consideration I went with a Midwest, Ohio, background because I wanted the golfers to visualize fall the way I do each year and I didn’t want the background to take away from the course but to blend with it. I didn’t doctor the colors of the trees or leaves with the exception of contrast, light and dark, so your getting the true color throughout the course.

The Playtesters

As always my play testers, Don ‘Gov’ Schaffer, Gary ‘Acemeister’ Hild and Don ‘Sarge’ Pierce let me know early on that I had some kinks to work out with the leaves etc.. They are relentless and only make me do better work. Thanks guys for both your help and mostly your enthusiasm.

Download Here

I hope you, the players, enjoy this design as much as I did. It plays fair and yes hole 9 has a tough green but there are several that are much easier. Enjoy your round and remember, swing easy and keep your head down!! Steve Holden

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