Scorpion's Tale

The Layout

The first hole is very long and uphill so play for par. The eighteenth hole is ridiculously long and par is excellent. Since this hole will probably be controversial to some I made sure that all the holes in between the first and last are both fair but challenging. It's a nice mix of shots and the par threes are both manageable and susceptible to aces. Scorpion's Tale is the second desert course I've designed and the first in many years. I tried to make this course challenging even for the better golfer's which is no easy task these days. There is a variety of looks from the tee and enough risk/reward shots to keep your interest.

The Design

I brought the background textures right into the course with this one and the blend is seamless. The mixture of sand textures gives you the feeling that someone has walked this space before you got there but hopefully your trek will be more successful. I brought a sun glare and sunspots into the background instead of just having them in the sky and I'm very excited with the results. I highlighted the glare from the tees on four, nine and twelve but the best effect is definitely on the fourth tee. I hope you enjoy this addition and I think it will make the round more realistic. You will surely get this affect sometimes throughout your round at various locations be sure to wear your sunglasses!!

Play Tester

I haven't been using play testers lately as I have enough time now to really go over my designs but I was so impressed with the work Randy Grant did for our Group Design at the Golden Bears Den this year that I had to get him to go over Scorpion's Tale! Thank You Randy!! I would also like to thank all who have offered me support and encouragement over the past couple years at the Den! It's always appreciated!! And that being said I would be remiss if Don ‘Sarge’ Pierce was not mentioned. He never gave up on me designing. Constantly urging me to start again and finally I gave in and am very thankful I did. Thanks Sarge!!

Steve 'Sundance' Holden

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