Shadow Creek

The Course

I consider this a player's course where you have the option at almost every tee to launch a monster drive or lay up and take a more constructive approach. I took liberties with the Creek to wind it around as many holes as possible so it can always come into play and therefore play into your mindset with each shot.

The greens can be tough but are most certainly fair and the pin placements vary but with all my course's pin 5 will usually though not always be the toughest. Tour Director's should keep this in mind when using my course's. Overall I think it's a fun round of golf that will challenge and reward for good shots, and I hope you enjoy the play as much as I enjoyed the design.

The Design

The size of the course is extensive as I used almost exclusively my custom objects which are mostly high definition. The elevation work and textures adds to the size but it's mostly the objects that make the course so large in size. I tried to create a realistic ambiance to Shadow Creek to make your round more enjoyable.


Ace, Gov and Sarge again took time from their busy schedule to playtest this course and I would sincerely like to thank them for their patience and diligence.

The Layout

I want to keep this short since text files are seldom read anyway but if your one of the few then note that hole #14 teases you to go for the far fairway and it's not that difficult to do, but if you layup on the front fairway then layup on your approach also and chip close to the pin. Par is better than bogey.

Download Here

Thank You for taking the time to download Divot Cove. I hope you enjoy your round and score well. I'm always open for feedback, good or bad and would like your opinion on the difficulty of the greens.

Mouse-over for thumbnail description and left click for detail view.

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