The Woods @ Lake Rapture

The Course

Hole #1 OFF CENTER Par 4 392 yards Everything seems just a little Askew on this opening hole. Just a little ‘Off’.

Hole #2 THE BUTTE Par 4 437 yards Please note the spelling of This hole. Caution should be used in club selection to prevent You from being the ‘Butte’ of the jokes.

Hole #3 THE NARROWS Par 5 541 yards Two accurate shots will Find you on the green with an eagle putt on this par 5.

Hole #4 SAND BAG Par 4 442 yards A typical diversion, huge Bunker, split fairways and the unspoken challenge to clear it. You go for it and reach the 2nd fairway and with a sigh of relief You relax and take the 2nd shot and splash! What happened? Don’t get sandbagged!!

Hole #5 THE BOATHOUSE Par 3 176 yards If you can tune out The distractions when you reach the green you’ll be okay.

Hole #6 THE BRIDGE Par 4 444 yards Two accurate shots are Needed here and the green can be elusive.

Hole #7 THE SUMMIT Par 4 419 yards The ups and downs of this Hole can be frustrating but if played properly can take you to New heights.

Hole #8 SERENITY Par 3 152 yards Definitely the most relaxing Hole on the course so take advantage of it.

Hole #9 LONGSHOT Par 5 573 yards Where hole #3 required Two accurate shots this par 5 needs two precision power shots To reach the green. A ‘Longshot’ at best.

Hole #10 BOOMERANG Par 4 418 yards Named not only because of It’s shape but also for it’s uncanny knack to come back and hurt You.

Hole #11 UPSTART Par 4 429 yards A constant climb from tee To green this hole, though not difficult , can get you in trouble.

Hole #12 DROP ZONE Par 4 439 yards A well placed tee shot will Leave you with the most beautiful approach shot on the course.

Hole #13 LAKE RAPTURE Par 4 431 yards If your not intimidated by The lake or the small well protected green then enjoy the Scenery.

Hole #14 THE COVE Par 3 155 yards This little par 3 seems to Play longer than it’s yardage but should yield a birdie or two.

Hole #15 TILT Par 5 596 yards Check your lie after each Shot or your ball could go anywhere. But just like a pinball Machine you can score well with a good shot. Just don’t ‘Tilt’!

Hole #16 THE THINKER Par 5 562 yards Jokingly referred to as the ‘Stinker’ this par 5 can make or break your round. You can reach the green in two but the smart golfer lays up.

Hole #17 SPLASH Par 3 222 yards Self explanatory and the Toughest par 3 on the course. Most will opt for the bunker in Lieu of making a ‘Splash’.

Hole #18 THE CHANNEL Par 4 468 yards An easy finishing hole that Requires only accuracy on both shots.

The Playtesters

As always, let me thank my playtester’s, Sarge, Gov and Acemeister whom you all know. They provide invaluable feedback and constant encouragement. Thanks guys!! You know how much I appreciate your efforts.

Download Here

If your reading this then thank you for downloading the course. I’ve really enjoyed this design and hope that it brings some enjoyment to you the golfers as well. The sky and background are original and there are over 90 custom objects as well. A few I created for other course’s and made minor adjustments to shading etc.. and the rest are new for this course. Remember, swing easy and keep your head down! Steve Holden

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